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  • Standardized Recipes
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  • Let's Move to fight childhood obesity!

    Michelle Obama        Click to go to Let's Move!

    On February 9, 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity, a nationwide campaign called Let's Move!

    The campaign was designed to combat childhood obesity through a comprehensive approach that would engage every sector that impacts the health of children, building on already effective strategies and resources, and providing simple and effective tools for schools, families and communities to help children be more active, eat better and get healthy.
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    Nutrition & Physical Activity Websites:
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    USDA Choose My Plate Website
    Healthy Habits for Life
    Eat Smart Move More NC
    Color Me Healthy
    First School Preschool Activities
    Let's Move
    Kids Health
    Yummly (Recipe Search)
    USDA Team Nutrition
    Healthy Kids Healthy Future

    Books About Healthy Eating
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    A Day To Grow On - CFT 2012 Workshop
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